Wall to Wall Carpets
Area Rugs
Carpet Tiles
Contract Vinyl
Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)
Entrance Mats

1.Wall to Wall Carpets, also known as fitted, is a carpet intended to cover a floor entirely.

Manufactured either on tufted machines, weaving looms or as Hand tufted.

Variety of qualities and pile finish constructions are available – Cut, loop, Cut & Loop, multilevel etc…

Fiber types can be Wool, Nylon (polyamide), polyester or polypropylene (olefin), and blends of different compatible fibers.

Wall to Wall are the excellent choice for large spaces requiring for big pattern repeats, at the same time being able to provide cozy finish for rooms or corridors.

Usually used in hotels, function spaces, residential bedrooms, airports or prayer halls.

2.Area Rugs -Cover a limited section of floor space.

Normally loose laid but can also be installed as inset with adjoining floor such marble or parquet.

They can be machine/loom or hand made of various surface finishes.

The most popular are hand tufted with New Zealand wool and shiny fibers blends or woven Wilton made of polypropylene.

Very often unlimited number of colors and patterns can be developed as bespoke, with no minimum order quantity.

Popular solution for hotel guest rooms, residential living spaces, shops and lobbies.

3.Carpet Tiles are alternative floor covering in modules to standard broadloom carpet available in rolls.

Mainly produced on standard tufted machines and later converted into tiles of different shapes.

Most popular fibre types used in manufacturing are SD nylon and polypropylene, and occasionally wool blends.

Currently available in wide choice of patterns supported by very unique top surface finish constructions.

Perfect floor covering alternative for commercial spaces such offices with raised floor systems.


4.Commercial Vinyl – Resilient flooring material made of polyvinylchloride (PVC).

Extensive design options and color schemes.

It comes in Rolls or modular tiles.

Extensively used in healthcare, educational, commercial and industrial buildings.


5.Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) Floor coverings produced in both tile and plank format.

Available in wide variety of finishes simulating wood, concrete, marble, stone, and other natural finishes with countless possibilities for patterns.

It could be directly glued or loose laid depending on its construction, size and weight.

Suitable for residential and commercial use.

6.Entrance Mats, are  Barrier mats designed to keep off all dirt and moisture that are likely to  enter a building from shoe soles or wheeled traffic

Fixed outdoor and indoor.

Manufactured in customized sizes and a variety of specifications.